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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Shut out the world, relax, and heal with a Swedish massage from Barkley Massage & Chiropractic in Bellingham, WA. When most people think of getting a massage, they’re thinking of a Swedish massage. Find out more about why this is one of the most widely loved and practiced massage techniques.

If you are healing from an injury or want to reduce lymphatic fluid swelling, ask us about lymphatic massage in combination with your Swedish massage.

What Is Swedish Massage?

When you ask for a Swedish massage, you are requesting a therapeutic form of massage therapy. Your massage therapist will focus on more superficial muscles instead of deeper connective tissues. You can expect to experience rubbing, long, gliding strokes, circular pressures with hands and palms, firm kneading, tapping, bending, and stretching.

Benefits Of Swedish Massage

Consulting our chiropractor before any form of bodywork will ensure that you are asking for the techniques that are the safest and most beneficial for your unique set of needs. Swedish massage has many, unique benefits available to both healthy and injured individuals.

  • Improved Immune System
  • Increased Blood Flow & Circulation
  • Muscle Injury Rehab
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Pain Management
  • Reduce Stress
  • Move Lymphatic Fluid

Say Goodbye To Stress

Do your shoulders always seem to feel stiff? Maybe you’re tired of tension headaches or just not being able to turn your brain off at the end of the day. Both physical and mental stress can be relieved through a Swedish massage. You and your muscles finally get the chance to relax.

Optimize Your Healing Abilities

Sports injuries, muscle injuries, and chronic pain limit our mobility and quality of life. Why rely on addictive medications or questionable surgeries? Natural, complementary, alternative medical techniques like chiropractic care and massage therapy can help you with healing and pain relief.

Decrease stress hormones, increase white blood cells, and improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body. When your body works better, it can heal itself from the inside out. Both Swedish massage and chiropractic work together to encourage this kind of whole-body wellbeing.

Massage & Chiropractic In Bellingham

Reap the benefits of both chiropractic care and professional massage therapy at Barkley Massage & Chiropractic in Bellingham, WA. Call us today to schedule your Swedish massage. Feel better because you are better. We look forward to helping you experience your highest level of wellness and comfort.

Barkley Massage & Chiropractic We offer relaxing and therapeutic massage, as well as chiropractic care all at one convenient location in Bellingham, WA.

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