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Barkley Massage & Chiropractic features a calm and relaxed setting with 7 private treatment rooms for our talented licensed massage therapists. We’re centrally located in Bellingham, WA with ample free parking.

Simply choose the type of massage you are looking for and book an appointment that works best for your schedule.


Todd Luther, DC

Techniques: Diversified, Sports, Extremities, Drop-Table, Rehab Stretches & Strengthening

Dr. Luther comes from a family of health care practitioners (including a MD, OB Nurse and a Certified Nurse Midwife) and he knew early on that healthcare was his passion. But it wasn’t until he injured his low-back snowboarding that he went to a chiropractor and became interested in the healing art.

Dr. Luther has been practicing since 2005 and is a Rainier member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association. Count on him to provide the correct diagnosis, recommends for care, and to do what is best for your health.

Please read some of his reviews from Glacier Chiropractic where he most recently practiced in Seattle.




Dr. Jan Vincent Tan, DC

“Dr. Tan earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from University of Western States in Portland, OR. His interest in chiropractic began after seeking treatment after a car accident years ago.

Dr.Tan works with his patients to develop treatments plans for a faster recovery. Through use of spinal and extremity adjustments, rehab exercises, and ergonomic corrections, he has helped his patients get back do enjoying all that the PNW has to offer.

During his free time, Dr. Tan goes hiking and taking landscape photography, and napping with his cat Kenny.”

Massage Therapists

M KorikawaMatthew Horikawa, LMT

Techniques: Treatment, Deep-Tissue, Sports, Myofascial-Release, Orthopedic, Relaxation & Swedish Massage

Matt was born and raised in the San Juan Islands and has a deep love for everything that the PNW has to offer.

He graduated from the Whatcom Community College Massage Therapy Program, and incorporates Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques and even a little Thai Massage into his therapy sessions. This unique approach to both treatment and wellness massage ensures both deep relaxation and positive patient outcomes.

In his spare time Matt enjoys traveling & continuing education.

T RossTonya Ross, LMT

Techniques: Pregnancy, Relaxation & Swedish Massage

Tonya is a Washington native who enjoys books, dogs, and all kinds of hand crafts. After living a life at a desk all day, personal experience with regular massage led her back to school to learn more about the practice and its benefits.

Massage provides not only physical benefits, but also has a positive impact on mental and emotional wellbeing. With how stressful life can be, finding a space to quiet the mind is crucial for also achieving physical relaxation. Massage can facilitate healing from injury, promote regular physical wellness, and improve general state of mind.

Tonya, for one, can easily say that getting regular massage has changed her life for the better.

Cody Schuler, LMT

Techniques: Deep-Tissue, Sports, Trigger-Point, Thai, Acupressure, Relaxation & Swedish Massage

Cody is a PNW native who has spent his life studying how the body moves through Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Parkour, and Rock Climbing, as well as a variety of other sports. With his understanding of muscles and movement he can tailor any session to what your body needs. Whether it’s treatment, sports or simply relaxation.

Cody has been practicing massage since 2011 after graduating from Spectrum Center School of Massage.  Cody has worked with Olympic athletes, MMA fighters, professional marathoners, as well as other notable athletes. He will make sure every session is perfectly designed for you and your body.

Katy Burgess, LMT

TechniquesRelaxation, Swedish, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Facilitation and Myofascial Release.

Born and raised in Michigan, Katy graduated from the Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage in 2008. She became interested in yoga, massage and the healing arts after experiencing fatigue and burnout while working in the fast paced restaurant industry.

After taking some time off for world travel, she settled in Bellingham, Washington and went on to further her education by enrolling in the Massage Program at Whatcom Community College and graduating in 2016.

Katy has a passion for facilitating the mind-body connection through thoughtful, personalized bodywork sessions. Her massage style encourages deep relaxation while targeting specific muscles and tissues to effect lasting change and restore balance in the body.

Katy specializes in Swedish, Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports and Geriatric. She includes orthopedic techniques that assist in the removal of discomfort and pain, increase range of motion around the joints and encourage healing of the body.

Elijah Molohon, LMT

Techniques: Trigger-Point, Deep-Tissue , Sports, Lymphatic Facilitation, Relaxation & Swedish Massage

Elijah graduated from Whatcom Community College’s Massage Therapy program in 2016. Elijah pursued Massage Therapy after receiving therapeutic massage for a devastating lower back injury that left him unable to walk for a short period of his life. Using the knowledge from his own experience, he incorporates Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Facilitation, Myofascial Release and Muscle Energy Techniques to create a relaxing and therapeutic massage designed for the needs of his clients. Elijah is currently in studying Computer Science at Western Washington University. In his free time, Elijah enjoys hiking and playing one of the many musical instruments he has picked up.

Lindsay Davis, LMT

Techniques: Deep Tissue, Fire Cupping, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Sports & Postural.

Lindsay was born and raised in Whatcom county and has a deep love for her PNW home.

She fell in love with helping others through massage therapy. Graduated from the Whatcom Community College Massage Therapy Program and is experienced in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Fire Cupping, and Postural  Massage. Her focus on client comfort, pain relief, and helping individuals reconnect with physical self care allows her to build quality treatment plans and aim for ideal client wellness.

In Her free time she enjoys painting, crafts, playing guitar, and enjoying the PNW scenes.

Brittany Keetin, LMT

Techniques: Deep-Tissue, Trigger-Point, Treatment, Hot-Stone, Cupping, Pregnancy, Relaxation & Swedish 

Brit integrates Deep Tissue with Relaxation Massage to help clients who are dealing with repetitive use injuries, postural stress and the effects of aging find relief from pain and achieve optimal wellness.

Originally from Kansas, she graduated from the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in 2018 with a certificate in Clinical Massage Therapy. In her spare time she enjoys playing the fiddle, bicycle touring and birdwatching.

Daniel Ziegler, LMT

Techniques: Deep-Tissue, Swedish, Treatment, Hot-Stone, Myofascial Release.

Daniel grew up playing sports and has always been in tune with the body and focused on maintaining healthy muscles. After receiving many massages as an athlete he graduated from Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in 2019 and has worked full time as a LMT ever since. Whether you’re looking to recover from injuries or just wanting to relax he is happy to help out.

Rex de Pentheny O’Kelly, LMT

Techniques: Deep-Tissue, Swedish, Treatment and Relaxation.

Rex is a graduate of the Whatcom Community College Massage Therapy program in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.  With his easy-going demeanor and approachable smile, you’ll be fast friends when you come to Rex for relaxation and rejuvenation. Originally from California, Rex quickly joined the ranks of classic Bellinghamsters with his love of coffee and the great outdoors, where he can be found magnet fishing in local waterways with his fiancé. After years of skateboarding and the subsequent injuries that accompany said past time, he realized the benefits of awareness of one’s body. He strives to facilitate a relationship of respect and awareness between his clients and their bodies.  From treating chronic to acute conditions, to easing the stresses of everyday life with a relaxing Swedish massage, you can’t go wrong with Rex.

Elynn Light, LMT

Techniques: Treatment, Craniosacral, Trauma Release, Acupressure, Injury Massage, Headache Massage and Relaxation.

Elynn has been a health and alternative wellness enthusiast since the 80’s. Her extensive studies and intuition allow her to give a personalized treatment with the ability to weave in deep tissue, acupressure or emotional and trauma release when useful. She has been practicing massage since 1987. You’ll enjoy her strong yet sensitive touch.

Elynn loves working to resolve your areas of pain and tension. She is gifted with necks and hips.

And is happy to be working in conjunction with chiropractic medicine.

She has relocated to the PNW after a detour to CO and CA and is happy to return to the unique beauty and peace of WA state.  Elynn is also a skilled Life Coach and hypnotherapist. In her free time she enjoys hiking, dancing, kayaking, jewelry making and the arts.

Sybil Sands, LMT

Techniques: Treatment, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Injury Massage, Sports Massage, Cupping and Relaxation.

Sybil hails from Durango Colorado, but she’s been living in Washington for the past nine years. After working in kitchens for many years she decided to make a jump to something more aligned with her journey toward inner peace and balance.

In her free time she is driven by a fierce love of art; painting, drawing, and playing any instrument she can get her hands on whenever she can.

She specializes in swedish, myofascial release, prenatal, trigger point, and sports massage. Offers medium to deep pressure, relaxation, safety and understanding. She graduated from Cortiva Institute in Seattle Washington. Bellingham is her forever home and community.

Sophie Rowe, LMT

Techniques: Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Sports and Pregnancy Massage

Sophie is a Michigan native who moved to Washington in 2019 to begin her journey as a massage therapist at the Port Townsend School of Massage. Her passion for the healing arts began at a young age as she grew up as the daughter of a massage therapist and experienced its incredible benefits for injury rehabilitation, stress management, and overall physical and mental wellbeing. After sustaining a particularly challenging low-back injury where massage and chiropractic work played a vital role in her recovery, she realized that she wanted to give back and help people feel more comfortable in their bodies and live their best lives possible.

As a therapist, Sophie combines a relaxing flow with an intuitive sense for what the body needs. She incorporates techniques from deep-tissue, trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, sports massage, and swedish relaxation to best address the clients’ goals.

In her spare time, Sophie recharges her body and soul through her yoga practice, exploring the beautiful PNW, curating her fashion sense as an artistic expression, and playing music on one of the many instruments she has picked up over the years.

Office Managers

Christine Gustafson – Office Manager

Christine is most recently from Colorado where she lived in Vail and enjoyed snow sports and selling cowboy apparel! She just moved to Bellingham to be closer to the water and spend time at sea level. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, arts and literature.

Alexandra Billings – Front Desk

Growing up, Alex loved to race the neighbor kids down the road and then bring her fast feet to the playground to race the other kids. Falling in love with movement at a young age brought her to play and compete in many sports. Now a personal trainer, she helps individuals find confidence and self empowerment through movement and strength training.

In her spare time, you can find Alex training Jiu-Jitsu or going hard at the gym. She also loves a snuggly night in with her Husband and two cats. If you were to ever offer Alex a good slice of pizza, she will never turn you down.

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