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Barkley Massage & Chiropractic features a calm and relaxed setting with 7 private treatment rooms for our talented licensed massage therapists. We’re centrally located in Bellingham, WA with ample free parking.

Simply choose the type of massage you are looking for and book an appointment that works best for your schedule.


Screen Shot 2022 03 15 At 9.31.25 PmTodd Luther, DC

I come from a family of health care practitioners (MD, RN, NP/MW) and knew early on that healthcare was my passion. But it wasn’t until I injured my low-back snowboarding and went to a chiropractor that I became interested in the healing art.

In Skagit County, I attended school in Clear Lake and Sedro-Woolley. Then continued at SVC, WWU and Life Chiropractic College West in California.

I’ve been practicing since 2005 and really enjoy helping patients overcome back/neck pain conditions that prevent them from living an active and fun life.

I love hanging-out with my wife and two kids and also enjoy snowmobiling, snowboarding, mtn-biking, dirt-biking, weight-lifting, reading, traveling and cooking.



K2Kaylee English, DC

Dr. Kaylee English has been specializing in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care since 2017. Her youngest patients have been 24-36 hours old! She is Webster certified and has had some craniosacral training for infant care. Check out her Instagram to see pictures and care tips for you and your little ones @chirokayenglish.

Dr. English also has two young kiddos, Aubree (b. 2018) and Gavin (b. 2021). You might just see them in the office from time to time! She knows first-hand the struggles parents have faced during the Covid pandemic and is happy to guide you through those tough parts of parenthood.

Dr. English is also talented in soft tissue work that she compliments with her adjustments to render the best quality treatment possible. She is a Washington state native and has lived in multiple areas of the state throughout her life. She is a fellow Western Washington University alumni and graduated from University of Western States in Portland Oregon with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She currently calls Mount Vernon home and enjoys the peaceful landscape that the farmlands have to offer.


T RossTonya Ross, LMT

Techniques: Pregnancy, Relaxation, Medical Massage & Swedish Massage

Tonya is a Washington native who enjoys books, dogs, and all kinds of hand crafts. After living a life at a desk all day, personal experience with regular massage led her back to school to learn more about the practice and its benefits.

Massage provides not only physical benefits, but also has a positive impact on mental and emotional wellbeing. With how stressful life can be, finding a space to quiet the mind is crucial for also achieving physical relaxation. Massage can facilitate healing from injury, promote regular physical wellness, and improve general state of mind.

Tonya, for one, can easily say that getting regular massage has changed her life for the better.

Img 6408Cody Schuler, LMT

Techniques: Deep-Tissue, Sports, Trigger-Point, Thai, Acupressure, Relaxation, Stretch Therapy, Medical Massage & Swedish Massage

Cody is a PNW native who has spent his life studying how the body moves through Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Parkour, and Rock Climbing, as well as a variety of other sports. With his understanding of muscles and movement he can tailor any session to what your body needs. Whether it’s treatment, sports or simply relaxation.

Cody has been practicing massage since 2011 after graduating from Spectrum Center School of Massage.  Cody has worked with Olympic athletes, MMA fighters, professional marathoners, as well as other notable athletes. He will make sure every session is perfectly designed for you and your body.

John Souder, LmtJohn Souder, LMT

Techniques: Light and medium pressure, deep tissue, trigger-point, cranial-sacral, prenatal, sports and reflexology

John graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2014, and moved home to Washington state to start his massage therapy career. He now practices in Bellingham and in his hometown Lynden.
John found a passion for healing and massage therapy after a physically demanding career at UPS, where he sustained injuries which prompted him to seek massage and chiropractic care. He has a big heart and loves to help people on their journey to better health, offering an environment for physical and emotional healing.
John specializes in breaking up trigger points and helping clients regain homeostasis within their bodies. Working on peoples backs and feet are his specialty. John aims for a balance of treatment and relaxation during his massages, and clients often feel so relaxed during John’s massages that they fall asleep on the table!
In his free time, John enjoys lifting weights, playing video games, and breathing the clean fresh air of the PNW. He loves animals and says service dogs (or service cats!)  are always welcome in the massage room.





Img 2729Lindsay Davis, LMT

Techniques: Deep Tissue, Medical Massage, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Sports & Postural.

Lindsay was born and raised in Whatcom county and has a deep love for her PNW home.

She fell in love with helping others through massage therapy. Graduated from the Whatcom Community College Massage Therapy Program and is experienced in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Fire Cupping, and Postural  Massage. Her focus on client comfort, pain relief, and helping individuals reconnect with physical self care allows her to build quality treatment plans and aim for ideal client wellness.

In Her free time she enjoys painting, crafts, playing guitar, and enjoying the PNW scenes.

Dsc 0431 CopyElynn Light, LMT

Techniques: Treatment, Craniosacral, Trauma Release, Medical Massage, Acupressure, Injury Massage, Headache Massage and Relaxation.

Elynn has been a health and alternative wellness enthusiast since the 80’s. Her extensive studies and intuition allow her to give a personalized treatment with the ability to weave in deep tissue, acupressure or emotional and trauma release when useful. She has been practicing massage since 1987. You’ll enjoy her strong yet sensitive touch.

Elynn loves working to resolve your areas of pain and tension. She is gifted with necks and hips.

And is happy to be working in conjunction with chiropractic medicine.

She has relocated to the PNW after a detour to CO and CA and is happy to return to the unique beauty and peace of WA state.  Elynn is also a skilled Life Coach and hypnotherapist. In her free time she enjoys hiking, dancing, kayaking, jewelry making and the arts.

StevenSteven Fletcher, LMT

Techniques: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Injury, Trigger Point, Pregnancy Massage, Relaxation

Steven graduated from the IBS School of Massage in Oregon in 2020. He worked in a clinic specializing  in rehabilitation for people involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Oregon before moving to Bellingham  in 2022. He has seen repeatedly how Massage, Chiropractic and Physical Training is a winning  combination. 

 As a former body builder as well as educator he is focused on deeply listening to clients, and helping  them navigate their mind-body connection to facilitate long-lasting recovery of chronic issues.  Simultaneously, he is well versed in being soft spoken and a calming presence for clients that have dealt with severe emotional trauma. He specializes in neck and deep tissue massage. 

 Steven has spent over a decade in Vermont, Maine, and Oregon where he practiced his passions as an  educator, organic farmer and a soil scientist. He has devoted his life to massage after it returned and  improved his quality of life following a traumatic motorcycle accident. He is an avid dancer, reader and  hiker.

Picture1Michael Berner, LMT

Techniques: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofacial Release, Triggoir-Point.

With a journey that began in 1993, my commitment to pain management runs deep. I specialize in assisting clients battling chronic pain, striving to prevent the necessity of surgery.

My approach is founded on the belief that everyone should emerge from the shadows of their ailments and rediscover their true selves. This philosophy isn’t just my profession; it’s my calling.

My expertise revolves around two core pillars: deep tissue bodywork and the intricate restructuring of muscular systems. Over the years, I’ve honed a diverse range of techniques, from Rolfing and trigger point therapy to Neuromuscular therapy and full-body reflexology. I even had the honor of learning directly from Shulman, an 84-year-old luminary, who shared his dynamic method, Shulman Therapy. This unique blend of formal education, personal experience, and specialized training has culminated in my approach, which I call “Dynamic Release Therapy” or DRT.

If you’re seeking profound healing for chronic dysfunction, whether it’s Plantar Fasciitis, hip discomfort, lower back pain, shoulder tension, neck issues, TMJ, or persistent headaches, I’ve got you covered from head to toe. However, I hold myself to a high standard: if, after three sessions, you don’t experience significant relief, I’ll openly admit that I may not be the therapist best suited for your needs.

My dedication extends beyond my work; it’s a commitment to every client I serve. I’ve had the privilege of working with notable individuals like Ed Bradley, Edward James Almos, Bon Jovi, Billy Bob Thornton, and currently work with Hillary Swank . I’m here to guide you toward a pain-free future, deeply invested in your well-being. Together, we can address your chronic issues and pave the way for a healthier, more comfortable life.

Img 1325 1Stephanie Russo, LMT

Techniques:  Injury Treatment, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Myofascial
Release, and Relaxation

Since graduating from Spectrum School of Massage in 1994, I have enjoyed the
privilege of practicing massage; removing a bit of tension from the world, one
treatment at a time, is rewarding in and of itself.

It’s been proven that relaxation enhances healing, and my experienced hands
are skilled in a colorful palette of techniques for easing away tension with
respectful, compassionate touch. I specialize in slow, soothing techniques,
attuning to your verbal and non-verbal communications to gauge the pressure

In my experience, cupping is quite effective but under-utilized. It is an
ancient healing art from Asia, using suction to gently release restrictions from
deeper tissues, increasing blood flow, breaking up adhesions, and is a useful
complement for most pain relief treatments, including chronic conditions like scoliosis and restrictive scar tissue.

I moved to Bellingham to complete a Biology degree at WWU, and stayed for the
awe-inspiring beauty and the friendly community here. I love my peaceful country
home, with my husband, two dogs, and three cats, and our backyard nature

A107F8C9 3E41 4186 9189 7Faa12Fcf07BEva Brown, LMT

Techniques:  Acupressure, Thai Massage, Medical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish and Deep Tissue.

As a practitioner who is passionate about healing, Eva treats each unique client with a holistic approach. During your massage, you will experience a focused therapeutic session which may include medical massage, Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, postural and movement assessments, and hydrotherapy for injuries or relaxation of the nervous system. Her favorite part of giving a massage is ending with the head and neck using aromatherapy and touching on the many pressure points of the skull. She may also incorporate Thai stretching techniques from her background in Thai massage and yoga. She strives to use her knowledge of the structure and musculature of the human body as well as medical knowledge to assist in pain relief, injury recovery or simply to allow for deep relaxation, restoration, and balancing of the nervous system. Eva has worked as an LMT in a variety of settings, including medical massage, chiropractic, spa, and yoga studios which makes her treatments well-rounded. She is a certified yoga teacher, certified in Thai massage, and has a background in dance which has given her awareness of the body and simply how it moves. She has a love of learning, a passion to serve her community and has continued on to become an EMT and is now studying to obtain a nursing degree.


317867414 1709065019495773 2172360992955275386 NMatt Horikawa, LMT

Techniques: Orthopedic Massage, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, Lymphatic Facilitation, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage

Matt is returning to Barkley after a two year hiatus and is excited to reconnect with patients that have missed his work. Originally from Orcas Island, Matt is a PNW native and dedicated to his work as a massage therapist. Graduating from Whatcom Community College and attaining an AAS in Massage Therapy, Matt is specialized in Orthopedic Massage, a modality effective for the treatment of joint issues, musculoskeletal injuries, nerve impingement and enhancing posture and alignment.
Matt has been practicing massage since 2017 and plans to further his education next year through an education in mental health counseling at Evergreen State College. Matt has a compassionate and trauma-informed practice, and is very focused on patient education, believing that  empowering his clients to have better awareness of the day-to-day activities that impact their body health can mitigate aggravation, prevent further injury and lead to a higher quality of wellness.
Orthopedic Massage Explained:
Orthopedic Massage is a multidisciplinary specialized modality that focuses on the relationship between joint/spinal posture and soft tissue. This modality is particularly effective at addressing restrictions in range of motion due to adhesive/scar-tissue buildup both due to injury or issues like arthritis. Orthopedic Massage especially focuses on the vertebrae, sacrum, scapula, shoulders, elbows, hips and knee joints to reinforce/reset alignment, enhance posture and open space in the body to mitigate impingement of nerves. This technique is effective at treating adhesive issues like frozen shoulder or frozen hip and can alleviate issues stemming from nerve compression over the sciatic or brachial plexus nerve roots in the hips or shoulders, respectively. Orthopedic Massage not only helps to alleviate movement range restriction and musculoskeletal nerve impingement, but can be effective in the treatment of pain associated with repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or plantar fasciitis and postural issues like thoracic outlet syndrome or pseudo-sciatica/piriformis syndrome.


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